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Executive Assessment

We recognise and actively promote the fact that the most critical competitive advantage of any organisation is the quality and diversity of its leadership.

Whether you are hiring, promoting or looking at succession planning or team fit Executive Assessment will allow you the confidence to make a truly informed decision and therefore avoid costly mistakes. Our third party objective approach combines competency-based interviews and rigorous referencing with a result of the true strengths and weaknesses of an executive, as well as the underlying drivers of their performance being identified. This information sheds light on an individual’s suitability for a given role, and how that executive could best be developed and deployed. This methodology can be utilised as a stand - alone support to decision making within the context of either an internal or external talent pool.

In summary Executive Assessment services are invaluable in building an unbiased evidence-based perspective in order to make informed candidate selection decisions. It will also help you gain a better understanding of how to motivate your senior team.